Math Teacher - Middle and High School (2019-2020)

Ridgeland, South Carolina, United States


Polaris Tech Charter School seeks a middle or high school certified math teacher who will join an outstanding education team to unleash student potential and cultivate aspirations – where students are career-focused, college-ready and invested in the community.

Who We Are

Polaris Tech is a new school that will transform learning for traditionally under-served students in Jasper County, South Carolina. We’ll welcome our first class of students in Fall, 2018 to a personalized, blended learning instructional model with online and project-based education, where each student works at their own pace and according to their own learning style and interests. Polaris Tech will focus on using technology & innovative education techniques to guide students toward a successful future in college, a career and in their community. Students will be engaged in a well-rounded curriculum that includes core academics, career pathways, work and life skills and health and wellness activities.

Who We Want

We are looking for a team player who will thrive in a learning environment that is fluid and flexible, where student needs and aspirations shape the path. At Polaris Tech Charter School, the Teacher will:

Hold High Expectations for Equitable Outcomes: The teacher will create a rigorous but supportive environment in which all students – including those who are traditionally under-served – are held to high academic expectations. The teacher will seek evidence of achievement of goals to help all students meet expectations. The teacher will move beyond a traditional notion of providing each student with the same learning experience and are willing to apply differentiated strategies for each student.

Embrace Competency-Based Learning: The teacher will recognize that not all students learn at the same pace, and mastery of knowledge and skills is a better measure of learning progress. The teacher will measure progress against competency attainment and find ways to meet students where they are rather than adhere to one-size-fits-all schedules or sequences of instructional events.

Value All Learners: In seeking to personalize instruction, the teacher will recognize all students bring different strengths and needs to the classroom. The teacher is aware of different learning preferences, diversity, and universal design principles and appropriately differentiate and adapt to meet the academic, social and emotional individual needs of each student.

Have a Growth Mindset: The teacher who is constantly striving to develop.The teacher will seek out feedback and resources to help them learn and grow. And the teacher will apply the same mindset to students – encouraging students to take risks and learn from both their successes and failures.



We offer a comprehensive benefits package including a competitive salary to commensurate with experience.

Teachers will receive a 190 day contract.

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